At Mary, Mother of the Church, we are fortunate enough to have a range of facilities that enable us to host and support various events for our community. Both spaces are available for public use, however, we do ask each community to respect the parish and its spaces by following the conditions that are set for them by the Parish Presbytery.


If you are in any means interested in hiring our Logos Centre or our Parish Hall for a night, contact the Mary, Mother of the Church Presbytery during our office hours or fill out our contact form expressing your interest and we’ll gladly walk you through the process.

The Logos Centre

Located in the same building as our Parish Presbytery, the Logos centre is home to a number of our church’s community groups such as the MMOTC Youth Group, and our Sunday School.

It is also the central hub for all our leadership as we host our monthly Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) meetings, our Choir Leaders meeting, our Youth Leaders’ meetings and many more.

Our Logos Centre has its own private bathroom, a kitchen with a fridge, oven and cooktop, as well as a separate meeting room.

The room has its own set of tables and and chairs provided for its users, as well as a projector and speaker system for any multimedia presentations.

Unfortunately, the Logos Centre is only available to be used for private meetings by the parishioners of Mary, Mother of the Church.

The Parish Hall

The Mary, Mother of the Church Parish Hall has been the main facility used by members of the wider community.

Fitted with its own newly renovated kitchen that features a fridge, oven and cooktop in addition 3 walls of bench space, it is the perfect place for our community to host small gatherings.

Like our Logos Centre, tables and chairs are provided and stored in a storage room at the very front of the hall.

The Parish Hall can easily seat events with 120 people comfortable within the space.